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CE Marking


CE marking is an European conformity mark. CE marking on a product indicates that the product complies with legal requirement of European market. and the same can be sold with in European Union. CE Marking ensures that a product meets a minimum safety standard and product does not compromise with public safety. CE Marking is also applicable for manufacturers located outside European Union if they want to place their product in European union. CE Marking requirements are mentioned in different EU directives.


  • ISO 9001 :2015

    ISO 9001:2015 specifies requirements for a quality management system for any organization.

  • ISO 14001 :2015

    ISO 14001: 2015 specifies requirements for a environment management system for any organization.

  • ISO 18001 /OHSAS

    OHSAS is the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series for health and safety management systems.

  • ISO 22001 /HACCP

    International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has published ISO 22000:2015 - Food Safety Management .

  • ISO 27001 :2015

    The goal of ISO 27001:2005 is to provide a common base for developing organizational information security policies.